Friday, March 1, 2013

So I was wrong.

My blog will not be about life at monroe. It will be about books!
Okay, so like I've mentioned before, I'm a big literature fan. By literature, I don't mean Sarah Dessen or Glass by Ellen Hopkins. No, I mean classic literature.
Let me re-iterate. I love C L A S S I C literature. Like the Bronte sisters or Tolstoy. When I go to bed at night or am having a bad day, I don't turn to cheesy romance novels or murder mysteries. No I turn to Anna Karenina and Catherine Earnshaw. The stories that the authors write are (to me) the same story Emily Bronte did. Love stories are so much more eloquent and touching. Battles are so much more dramatic.

But do not think that I only read the antiquated books of our grandmother's generation. I can be hip! (That was a joke.) Two of my most recent authors are John Green and a man named Ned Vizzini.
Wanna know why I like them so much? Well, I'll tell you!
They have written the words that I've always thought but never said out loud. They know how I feel without being a teenage girl from California. And that's an amazing thing to me. So look them up. I recommend It's Kind of a Funny Story by Vizzini (which is also a movie) and The Fault in Our Stars by Green. Read them. They might become your favorite too.